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Exercises For Posture For The Upper Back


Exercises for posture for the upper back are mandatory if you have pain, particularly if you are a sedentary worker, use a computer a lot, or work at any task with your head down. 

Exercises for Posture for the Upper Back Involve:

  1. Strengthening the lower abdominals

  2. Strengthening the stabilisers of the shoulder blades

  3. Strengthening the deep neck flexors

  4. Stretching out the lower back (BackBlock)

  5. Stretching out the upper back (BackBlock)

  6. Stretching out tight shoulders

The posture exercises for the upper back must be both stretching and strengthening. The stretching makes you straighter and the strengthening makes you stronger, so you can keep straight. It's then easier to hold you head up, keeping you more in line with the centre of gravity and lessening the strain across your shoulders. 

It may seem strange that upper body strength first requires lower body strength, even pelvic floor strength. It's as if being fortified from below makes it easier to hold your upper body up. Strong lower abdominals and pelvic floor make for a much more supportive intra-abdominal pressure that makes it easier to hold your head and shoulders back. 


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