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Exercises for Back Pain in Tall People


6 Exercises for Back Pain In Tall People

Because it emanates amid-ships, pain in the middle back can be more debilitating than any other type of back pain. It causes a nasty discomfort that often comes around to the front of the abdomen, or groin.  People with mid-back problems often find it increasingly uncomfortable to sit, while also finding it difficult to get comfortable in bed at night. The following exercises for back pain in tall people, focus on both the upper and lower back.

Exercises for Back Pain in Tall People Must Focus on Alleviating the Pain in the Middle of the Back By:

1. Straightening the spine out of a forward stoop

2. Strengthening the spine at high waist level

3. Strengthening the shoulder blade retractor muscles, the rhomboids


Believe it or not for a tall person, this going taller exercise is one of the best ways to firm up your core, recruiting all your trunk muscles at the one time. This 'reach for the sky' yoga posture (extended mountain pose) is one of the best exercises for back pain in tall people, as it also activates the shoulder-scapula muscles that helps correct a round-shouldered look.


Postural Stress at Work is Common for Tall People

It's common to see people working like this for hours on end.


The back problems of tall people are caused by the stooped postures that come about because everybody else in the world is so short! Everyday work surfaces are always too low for tall people, just as working at computers is particularly difficult, more so with devices are getting smaller and work hours longer. Architects, and graphic designers and anybody who owns a computer is particularly susceptible. 

Working propped up in bed is common enough. Trouble is, it causes mid-back problems by straining the back of the thoraco-columbar junction, at the level of the bottom of the ribs - more so with tall people. Over time, it also gradually causes a more tipped-forward posture, which has an invisible knock-on the effect of loading up to spinal base more. This means that eventually tall people develop lower back pain too from the excessive loading and compression of the lower lumbar discs. This is why widespread backpain is common in tall people. 


Spinal Decompression is Very Important for Tall People

Spinal decompression is important for both the upper and lower back with tall people. Used under the upper back, it tilts the body backwards at waist level (which is the fulcrum level where the spine tips forward) and realigns the upper body more squarely over the spinal base. This makes it easier to hold the shoulders back. Two important additions to the upper BackBlock regime are the exercises 'Angels wings' and 'Rusty Bible'. These involve using the arms to open up the pectoral area and stretch front of the shoulders. But because the tipped forward upper body loads up the spinal base so much the routine back block under the lower back (as shown above) is also essential. 


You Can See These Exercises in Sarah's Video

This regime starts with back pain exercises for beginners and progresses to a strenuous back strengthening program. It includes important spine stretching exercises, necessary for getting out of pain. However, it is the spine strengthening - upper back strengthening exercises in particular - that give you endurance and stamina in holding yourself upright with your tummy in. Standing tall with pride and free of pain.



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