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Are You in Pain, Wandering in a Wilderness With Your Back?


Relief from back pain is at your fingertips


World leading authority on back pain, Sarah Key, provides information and self-help for a bad back, without surgery. 

This website provides:

– Clear explanations about spinal disorders (in plain language – not confusing medical jargon)

– How to relieve acute back pain

– How to keep your pain at bay

– The likely causes of your pain

– The simplest self-treatment options

– Peace of mind and hope (after all the money you've spent)

About Sarah

Sarah Key is one of the world's leading experts and authors in the treatment of back pain. She is the acclaimed author of several popular books on back pain and has been in print since 1986.

To read more about Sarah, her books and a list of her self-help videos, click on the link below.

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Are Deadlifts Bad for You?

With so many injuries associated with them, the question has to be asked: are deadlifts bad for you? The short answer is yes - simply because they're done with an over-arched back.

Safe deadlifts are all about getting the spinal biomechanics right. They're about best posture when super-loading the spine and not putting muscles and ligaments to disadvantage.


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Back Sufferers' Bible

Take steps to keep your back healthy and pain-free with down to earth advice from one of Australia's most high profile physiotherapists.

This completely revised and updated edition, written for sufferers and practitioners alike, provides all the information you need to play an active part in your own treatment. The human spine is not well suited for our way of life and as a result back pain is pandemic - there is hardly anyone who has not been bothered by it at some time. Advanced as we are in other areas of science, with fixing backs we are little further ahead.

This book breaks new ground, and is written for sufferers and practitioners alike. In layman's language it charts a new, easy-to-understand model for the way the human spine breaks down, starting off with commonplace and totally reversible conditions (which 90 per cent of us have), and progressing to the more difficult ones.

The Back Sufferers' Bible describes clearly how each stage of back pain manifests, and sets out a logical course of treatment programs. It explains when you need medication and when you need to rest in bed. It explains all the exercises - how to do them and the common pitfalls with each one. It gives you all the information you need to play an active part in your own treatment. For practitioners, there is a new section of comprehensive source material and further reading.

Now you can understand what has gone wrong with your spine and take steps to keep your back healthy and pain-free.

The BackBlock used in this book can be purchased online.


The Body in Action

For those who suffer from strains, sprains, arthritis, lack of mobility or flexibility in the body, this is a preventative, strengthening and healing guide all in one, suitable for the young, the elderly and those wanting something to work on at home.

Whether you suffer from aches, pains and creaky joints, or you simply feel old beyond your years, The Body In Action will help you achieve a better body and a healthier life.

Sarah Key, renowned physiotherapist and author of The Back Sufferers' Bible and Back in Action, shows you how to keep your skeleton young with a series of stretches designed to combat stiffness and pain.

Key shows you how to:

  • spot the tell-tale warning signs of imminent joint problems
  • take immediate action to reverse the trend
  • exercise to alleviate pain and restore full mobility

Stretches derived from Iyengar yoga, which suit all levels of ability, are explained, and a 30-minute daily regime is outlined at the end of the book.

Extensively illustrated, with easy to follow advice and exercises, The Body In Action will help you break the bad habits that come with our increasingly sedentary lifestyle.


Back in Action

Do you have a back problem?

This book will help you put it right.

In an easy-to-read question and answer format, Back in Action sets out all the commonly asked questions about back problems and how to treat them.

Sarah Key explains that most back problems are caused by the stiffness of a spinal link or vertebra-a totally reversible condition. By starting off with physiotherapy to mobilise the stiff spinal links, and then practising techniques and exercises to keep each vertebra separated and supple, you can have a healthy back.

Illustrations throughout Back in Action make the explanations easy to understand, and a daily exercise plan shows you how to strengthen your back and alleviate pain.

Back in Action is an excellent, informative companion to Sarah Key's widely acclaimed Back Sufferers' Bible.

Understanding is half the cure.

SARAH KEY trained as a physiotherapist in Australia before establishing her own centre in London in 1976. Today she sees people from all over the world in her Sydney practice. Sarah Key is physiotherapist to the royal family.


The Back Sufferers' Pocket Guide

Most people will suffer from back pain at some stage of life.

This guide describes clearly each stage of back pain, and sets out a logical course of treatment. It explains when you need medication and when you need to rest in bed. It explains all the exercises - how to do them and the common pitfalls with each one. It gives you all the information you need to play an active part in your own treatment.

Now you can understand what has gone wrong with your spine, and take steps to keep your back healthy and pain-free.


Be Careful About Back Surgery

With back problems on the rise, particularly lower back pain, there’s a growing belief that back surgery is the ultimate quick fix. Back pain is a crippling and creeping pandemic in all populations. Worldwide, people with bulging discs, spinal stenosis or degenerative disc disease are hearing they are crazy to put up with pain and that spinal surgery is the answer. More alarming is the subliminal message that spine surgery is the back pain treatment of first resort; that disc replacement or laser spine surgery is easy to do and will change life for the better overnight. This is rarely the case.

This small e-book written by Sarah Key, the renowned author of the best-selling ‘Back Sufferers’ Bible’ explains how the human spine is a highly sophisticated mechanical structure and why spine surgery is not the silver bullet. The author looks at back surgery from the perspective of a back-treating therapist of many years standing, who sees the pitfalls and inherits the unsuccessful outcomes – the tragic cases of ‘failed back surgery syndrome’.

Sarah Key makes it clear that she is not a surgeon with an intimate working knowledge of the different surgical procedures, but from her position as a highly regarded practitioner with a worldwide reputation (she was made a Member of the Victorian Order by The Queen in 2003 and an Honorary Fellow of the University of Salford in 2014 for her work) she has important commentary to make in the world of backs.

For the benefit of patients lost in a wilderness and not knowing which way to turn she has spelled out the clearly defined indications for back surgery, as she sees them. She also lists the possible adverse outcomes she observes from the different surgical procedures and the broad principles of post-operative management for each. It is a must-read for anybody considering back surgery.

By providing the typical signs and symptoms of cases that probably do need to go to surgery, Sarah Key gives you a fuller picture and arms you with knowledge, so you will know whether you are beyond help through conservative therapies. Provided with vital background information, you will be able to discuss the issues with your spine surgeon and at the very least, make an informed decision – and very importantly – without a heavy heart, if you do decide to go that way.


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