Some Testimonials from ‘new’ webinar Practical Adjunct to Stages 1 & 2 at Highgrove, UK, March 2013

Karen T (UK, March 2013)
I felt the Sarah Key course was excellent.  It has really changed my way of thinking with treating backs.  It has really improved my knowledge of the way the back works and feel it will be extremely useful in my future treatment and management of patients with back pain.

A G (UK, March 2013)
This course has radically changed my view of treating backs, of the value and necessity for manual therapy, of the need to fully rehabilite the spine and enable patients to fully self-manage and prevent recurrence; probably the most revolutionary change in my thinking in musculo-skeletal therapy in my 30-year career.

M E (UK, March 2013)
What I find great is this: the basis for this course is to help give patients positive, active treatment followed by a positive, active exercise plan which empowers the patient, allowing them to fully understand the aim of the treatment and how this will rid them of pain.  Thanks very much Sarah.

Rich H (UK, March 2013)
Need to observe in more detail first on website.  The course informal format encourages genuine debate and discussion.  Great to be able to complete the lectures online prior to the practical module.  This enables us to concentrate on the real issues of patient contact without feeling washed out.  Great course.  Recommend it.

Lucy G (UK, March 2013)
A wonderful course which blends the science of back pain into the therapeutic model.  She demystifies simple low back pain and gives you a clinical and theoretical model that makes sense.  Sarah and her teachers are very motivational and inspiring.

Some Testimonials from combined ‘old’ Stages 2&3 at Highgrove, UK, March ’13

It continues to be a mystery to me why Sarah’s commonsense method with musculo-skeletal physio care is not common knowledge within our profession.
Her methods should be taught to university students alongside other more well-known and established styles, e.g. Mackenzie method, etc.
The exercises alone are a constant source of inspiration to myself and my patients.  Patients seem to engage with these exercises, as the response is almost immediate. K M

After attending the Stage 1, it gave me so much more confidence in treating low back pain, to be able to explain to patients what is happening.  The stages 2 and 3 have put all the knowledge together further to be able to diverse to other parts of the body using the Sarah Key Method and get results.
The BackBlock is a wonderful exercise regime.  Patients love it and get huge results. I A

I am looking forward to starting a little Sarah Key revolution where I work.  The course is pivotal and I am now very excited about future physio work. S-A S

I think the course has ‘freed me’ of the prescriptive management and treatment techniques I was taught as a student and junior physiotherapist.
I have more confidence to follow where my hands [or feet!] take me rather than limiting myself to the patients identified problem areas or doctor’s assessment.
Thank you – very enjoyable course.  Has definitely decreased my own fear of back pain and how to manage it. H T

 Sarah was brilliant, as ever. K P