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Sarah Key’s Physiotherapy Courses UK are ideal for all postgraduate physiotherapists in the UK looking to enhance their physiotherapy careers. Sarah’s new Masterclasses are in an easily accessible webinar format which you can follow from the comfort of your own home.

Worldwide, the retention rate of graduate physios in the workforce is in decline (in Australia it is now approximately only 6 years) and a major factor is thought to be frustration with undergraduate physiotherapy training and a sense of being poorly equipped with clinical skills to deal with a pandemic of back pain. Undergraduate physiotherapy colleges focus on the classification of back pain, with little information on aetiology and no agreement on basic treatment protocols. It seems after graduation each therapist develops their own techniques that ‘seem to work for them’ and with these they go forth into the community.

Sarah Key’s Problem Back Masterclasses provide valuable and much needed insight into treating back problems. The focus is a bedrock understanding of spinal anatomy and biomechanics, and the physiology and function of the very important intervertebral discs – the core spinal structure. Sarah’s ‘Problem Back Masterclasses’ deliver a pure distillate of useful information on spinal therapeutics for all professionals (including osteopaths and general practitioners) hungry for better information. They propose that physical therapy interventions must be informed by a true understanding of the biological processes that may be influenced one way or another by physical measures.

Sarah’s Physiotherapy Courses UK were started in 2002 at the urging of HRH the Prince of Wales and in 2003 Sarah was made a Member of the Victorian Order by Her Majesty the Queen. His Royal Highness continues to be a great supporter with some of the adjunct Practical modules to the new Masterclasses webinars held at the royal estate of ‘Highgrove’.

Sarah’s courses are specifically geared to tying together the disparate undergraduate training and learning outcomes from multiple different physiotherapy schools throughout the country. They provide experienced physiotherapists with new insights and skills and operate as physiotherapy bridging courses for new graduates, helping them translate undergraduate learning to realistic clinical circumstances. Rather than confusion and fear at coming face-to-face with a fellow human cast low by a disabling back problem, graduates from Sarah Key’s physiotherapy courses in the UK and beyond provide a substantial, confident – and workable- skill-set for all practitioners.

Presentations underway at The Orchard Room Highgrove



for SKMC Webinars comprising Levels 1 and 2

will be held at University of Salford near Manchester on

June 5th and 6th 2018

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for SKMC’s Level 3 (Webinars available from February 2018)

Will be held at University of Salford near Manchester

June 8th and 9th 2018

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Sarah Key’s Physiotherapy Courses UK are based on sound scientific data.

The courses are designed to give answers, based on objective scientific data. Stage 1 deals with the common syndromes of ‘simple’ back pain and apophyseal (facet) joint problems, while the more advanced Stages 2,3 and 4 deal with the more complex spinal pathologies and crisis conditions, as well as other related issues important for any physiotherapist working on the shop floor – sitting, bending and  – most critically relevant of all – lifting.

The extensive theory component of Sarah’s webinars has drawn from over 400 scientific papers dating from the current day to the early 1970s and slides used in the presentations are referenced with paper title and author. The Reading Reference list is provided for all participants. Sarah’s physiotherapy courses in the UK are endorsed by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and accredited by the Australian Physiotherapy Association in Australia.

The Key Spinal Research Centre was incorporated in the UK in May 2012. This is the beginnings of a research institution looking into the diagnosis and conservative management of low back problems. Sarah’s Physiotherapy Courses  UK will be intimately involved with and informed by the KSRC.

Sarah has four scientific advisors to The Key Spinal Research Centre: Mike Adams, Professor of Biomechanics at the School of Medical Sciences at Bristol University and the most cited spinal researcher in the world today, Dr Manos Stefanakis (physiotherapist and Mike’s recently graduated PhD student), Dr Patricia Dolan, Mike’s wife and co-researcher and Dr Jivko Stoyano, group leader at the Spinal Injury Research Unit of Swiss Paraplegic Research near Bern.

Professor Mike Adams and Dr Manos Stefanakis are Sarah’s co-authors in their important 2-part paper ‘Disc Healing with Implications for Physiotherapy’ recently published in Physical Therapy Reviews. Manos, currently living and working in Crete, also takes specific credit for guiding the scientific content of the Sarah’s Physiotherapy Courses UK webinars.

Click here for Prof Mike Adam’s Profile at the University of Bristol
Click here for Dr Jivko Stoyanov’s Profile at the University of Bern

An in-depth understanding of anatomy and biomechanics


How do the webinars for Sarah Key’s Masterclasses work?

The new format of the webinars means that you can watch each lecture and its multiple choice exam in the comfort of your own home. Sarah is unscripted and unrehearsed, so the lectures have the natural flow and rhythm of a live discussion.

After making your payment you will do your own self-registration and then be issued with your unique username, password and helpdesk details. You will have access to the SKMC webinars for each stage for a period of 45 days, during which time you will be able to watch Sarah carefully and descriptively explain the fine workings of the spine and what you and your patients can do about helping it function again painlessly.

To kickstart your postgraduate physio training, and find out more about Sarah’s Physiotherapy Courses UK, begin by contacting Sarah’s personal assistant Ruve Singh on

A typical small Masterclass Practical session