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Sarah Key's Problem Back Masterclasses Levels 1 and 2 : Sarah Key Education

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Sarah Key's Problem Back Masterclasses Levels 1 and 2
Levels 1 and 2 of the Problem Back MasterClasses must be completed together. They comprise 30 CPD hours (a 4-day equivalent course) THEY INCLUDE ONLINE THEORY WEBINARS + 2-DAY PRACTICAL ADJUNCTS
SKMC Levels 1 and 2 Theory Webinars Content
The SKMC Level 1 Theory component is presented via 9 online webinars,
    1.    Introduction
    2.    'Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Lumbar Spine‚ provides an essential recap and learning opportunity to get familiar with the spine itself, the intervertebral disc and the apophyseal (facet) joints
    3.    The Stiff Spinal Segment‚ is something that we therapists feel all the time with our hands, without ever really knowing what it is. Sarah believes is the seed condition in spinal breakdown from which other more complex spinal syndromes can grow
    4.    Facet Joint Arthropathy‚ is the second most common spinal disorder. Sarah explains how it comes about, its objective and subjective clinical features and how it should be treated
    5.    The Importance of Spinal Decompression‚  explains the critical relevance spinal decompression in therapeutics as administered by therapists and  patients
    6.    Acute Locked Back‚ is proposed as an acute crisis where the back seizes through a co-ordinated control mishap
    7.    Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc‚ explains the true incidence, the signs and symptoms of this often diagnosed condition
    8.    Segmental Instability‚ where the articular triad of facet joints and disc are rendered incompetent
    9.    To Bend or Not to Bend‚ explains the necessity of bending, its biomechanics and the active and passive restraint systems
    10.    The Trouble with Sitting‚  exerts sustained loading on the lumbar discs reducing their metabolic vigour and causing disc dehydration
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