Sarah Key

Sarah Key has been specialising in back pain since 1976

Sarah was considered ‘the baby’ of London’s prestigious Harley Street when she started her private physiotherapy practice there in 1976. In 1987 she opened the doors of her Sydney Physiotherapy Centre and since then has travelled back and forth, consulting in both countries. In 2003 Sarah was made a Member of the Victorian Order by Her Majesty the Queen.

Sarah Key is the best-selling author of 4 popular books on back pain, published in the UK, USA, Australia, India, Russia and Bulgaria. Her best-selling book ‘The Back Sufferers’ Bible’ has the most number of reviews on, all from readers, all unsolicited.

Recently she has published two scientific papers on her methods and founded the Key Spinal Research Centre in the UK to promote back health and to make more widespread the understanding of the science and the research to date behind spine therapy.

Famous for several things; her books, her feet, the BackBlock and her Back-in-a-Week ‘holidays to fix your back’ Sarah is a unique and sought after sage for back pain. Patients travel from all points of the globe for a spinal consultation with her, whereupon she sits down with you one to one and starts unravelling the story of your back. At the initial consultation Sarah usually provides you with one of her unique BackBlocks, so you can immediately start participating in the self-treat of your own problem.

can i get an appointment with sarah key?

Yes, it is possible to see Sarah.
What can I expect during a Sarah Key appointment?

where and when can i get an appointment?

Sarah’s physiotherapy centre is situated on the 6th floor of 44 Bridge Street, on the corner of Bridge and Young Streets in Sydney, one block back from Circular Quay on the beautiful Sydney Harbour. The centre has been operating since 1987. Periods when Sarah consults are set through the year. In order to see her, you will need to book in advance by phoning [02] 9247 8627.

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Initial consultations take place over 90 minutes and you must bring recent MRI/X-rays with you. Included with initial consultation and treatment is a summary and diagnosis of your problem and your future management, one of Sarah’s books and one of her famous BackBlocks.

Sarah’s patient load doesn’t usually allow for follow-up treatment by her and in most cases you will be introduced to your managing therapist before you leave [see our appointments page for details of physiotherapists and staff members]. Sarah keeps in contact with your therapist throughout your treatment, although if you specifically require a repeat appointment with Sarah, this can be arranged. This is not possible however, if you have not seen Sarah Key for your initial consultation.

sarah key trained physiotherapists are always available at the sk sydney physiotherapy centre

All SKPC physiotherapists are fully trained by Sarah Key. Celia Minchuk has completed all 3 stages of Sarah’s Problem Back Masterclasses (see below) and also the intensive 3-part exam to become an Accredited Practitioner of the Sarah Key Method (APSKM). Brigitte Coldicott and Taryn Holgate have completed Stage 1 of Sarah’s Masterclasses and are highly proficient therapists.

All SKPC therapists see both Sarah’s patients [after their initial consultation with her] and patients in their own right. Initial consultations with one of the SKPC therapists are of one hour duration and follow-up treatments are 30 minutes.  Like Sarah, all therapists at SKPC specialise in back problems and other skeletal problems.

All therapists at SKPC also provide one-hour ‘combined sessions’, which consist of 30 minutes hands-on treatment followed by a one- to-one class going through various spinal decompression techniques. This is a concept unique to the Sarah Key Physiotherapy Centre and although it is designed to equip patients with the knowledge and wherewithal to treat themselves at home, many patients prefer all their treatments at SKPC to be like this.

As a physiotherapist, osteopath or general practitioner you can be trained in the Sarah Key Method. See Sarah Key’s Problem Back Masterclasses at


Sarah Key Sydney Physiotherapy also offers a unique ‘holiday to fix your back’. Back-in–a-Week takes place at Sarah’s Upper Hunter Valley hideaway in an elegant purpose-built luxury retreat. Daily hands-on care, exercise classes, individually tailored lectures on caring for your own back and a huge amount of pampering make this the ultimate in back treatment. Back-in-a-Week is also available in Cornwall, UK. Read more about the benefits of Back in a Week here.

“Doing the Sarah Key Back-in-a-Week course is one of the most important things I have ever done for myself in my sixty years of life.” Anon, Canberra 2007

doing the back block

Whether you visit the Sarah Key Sydney Physiotherapy Centre, treat yourself to a luxury Back-in-a-Week or simply buy one of Sarah’s books , you will learn how to treat your own back using Sarah’s BackBlock. This daily exercise regime is easy to follow and will stimulate healing as well as prevent further degeneration of your back in the future.
Buy Sarah’s BackBlock and her books here.

the back app

So many of us are using mobile phones these days. Sarah has developed an app specially for iPhones and iPads which contains six short videos in which she personally demonstrates her self-help exercise regime using the BackBlock. She also talks about other important issues, such as the importance of the mind in dealing with a bad back and other intensely valuable tips for getting yourself out of pain.

To purchase ‘The Back App’ for the unbelievably low price of US$1.99 click here.


public lectures and seminars

Sarah Key is available for public lectures and seminars. For more information see the new ‘Sarah Key Talks Back’.


To make an appointment at Sarah Key Sydney Physiotherapy Centre click here

Appointments at Sarah Key Sydney Physiotherapy Centre
Make an appointment at the Sarah Key Sydney Physiotherapy Centre and learn Sarah’s easy self-help Back Block routine.
Sarah Key’s Unique Health Vacation is a “Holiday to Fix Your Back”
Possibly the only health vacation in the world designed to heal your back pain, Sarah Key’s Back in a Week is a luxury mind and body retreat like no other….
Sarah Key Talks Back – Lectures and Seminars
Sarah Key can be engaged to provide any number of information sessions to both the public and to health care professionals.
Ask Sarah Key
Ask Sarah Key allows you to pose your own questions to the leading back care physiotherapist in the world………
Skype Sarah Key – Have a chat about your back with Sarah
It is possible to arrange a Skype consultation with Sarah Key. Having a relaxed ‘chat about your back’ may well clear up lots of mystery and unanswered questions.
The famous Back Block self-help regime for back pain
The Back Block is the main tool of self-treatment in Sarah Key’s self-help regime for problem backs…Learn how to use it here…
What is Physiotherapy?
Sarah Key describes “what is physiotherapy?” from her point of view after a long and highly sucessful career in physiotherapy treatment…
Why exercises for back pain are important
Exercises for back pain – why exercising is important when you have a bad back. . . .
Sarah’s Simple Back Pain Website
Visit Sarah’s other website for lots more information about back pain conditions and treatment. . .
App for Back Care – At the Tap of an App you can Help Fix Your Back!
The Back App has it all in a nutshell. For those of you suffering – in extremis with acute pain, or plagued for years by a nagging backache – you absolutely must see this new app for back care.
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Sarah Key

Sarah Key has been specialising in back pain since 1976. She is the best-selling author of 4 popular books on back pain, published in the UK, USA, Australia, India, Russia and Bulgaria. Her best-selling book ‘The Back Sufferers’ Bible’ has the most number of reviews on, all from readers, all unsolicited.